Puppy Love

Puppy … by definition

Puppy noun ; a young dog less than 1 year old

Nip verb : bite or pinch sharply

Ouch! exclamation : used to express pain

If Santa brought you a puppy for Christmas, then this might ring a few bells!

Puppies are gorgeous, cuddly, fun and adorable. But they can also come packaged with some challenging behaviour.

  • Is your puppy a “bitey-monster”, a set of needle-sharp teeth racing around on four legs attacking whoever /whatever is in reach?

Your puppy is wired to chew, nip and bite. They use their mouths to explore the world. But by redirecting those teeth on to appropriate chew items, you can manage this challenging phase minus the scratched arms and ripped clothing.

  • How’s the toilet training going? It’s easy to feel your puppy is just a pooping and peeing machine.

Remember to reward your puppy when they “do it” in the right place. Smell is a very strong trigger for toileting, so when they have an accident  inside, clean it up with enzymatic cleaner like Biozet laundry liquid to ensure you remove the smell.

Have you introduced your puppy to being home alone? This is an important skill for all pups but some can find it challenging. Make sure you introduce them to home alone gradually, in small steps they can handle.  If you would like Jenny’s “Home Alone” handout, you can request it by clicking the email address above.

Puppies are not puppies for very long and you want to enjoy this adorable phase, but it’s easy to become frustrated. Don’t.

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