Club Canine

You’ve done the basics, but your dog needs more training and you to learn new activities you can enjoy with your dog.

Let’s go to Club Canine.

For dogs 6 months of age and older:

Club Canine has continuous enrolment procedures, so you can start whenever you’re ready! We work with you & your dog, at your level.

Introducing different tasks each week, Club Canine is a series of fun activities where you will learn new skills as you play with your dog.

Club Canine incorporates trick training, games to teach your dog to focus on you, games that teach recall and calm walking on the lead, games to send your dog through a tunnel and over a jump, and games to engage your dog’s amazing sense of smell.

Where: XXX Park
When: Wednesdays 7pm (each class is 1hr)
Cost: Initial 4-week membership $180
Further 4-week packages $155

Maximum 8 dogs per class so you will receive the personal tuition you need.

3 Easy ways to book.

Fill out the form below, email or phone 0419 535 236