Does my dog have separation anxiety?

Does your puppy cry when you leave the house?

Have you arrived home to find your dog has spread your kitchen garbage all over the place?

Have you received a note from your neighbour saying your dog howls when you’re out?


Do you know if they are symptoms of separation anxiety or signs of something else? If your dog is not settled and calm when left alone, it can be hard to know what is going on, and hard to know what to do.



Many young dogs might think playing with kitchen garbage was the best fun ever! A young active dog that gets little exercise might resort to constant barking when alone, just because he’s bored. A puppy that cries when alone might not have been shown some simple puppy ‘home alone’ training steps.


But destructive behaviour, crying & barking can also be outward signs your dog is suffering panic and anxiety when you leave them home alone.

It’s important to sort through the different outward signs, to get to the ‘bottom-line’, so you know whether that garbage spree is just puppy shenanigans, or if it’s a more serious issue and your dog is experiencing panic.


By working through these questions with a trainer who knows the difference, you and your dog will be on the right path towards a life of less stress in no time!

As both a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) and a Delta qualified positive reinforcement trainer, Jenny can help you and your dog.

To start the conversation, click here.  Remember … the sooner you get on to a problem, the sooner it’ll be fixed!