Fido & Friends – Private Dog Training in Pairs

2 people 2 dogs.

Private dog training lessons in pairs, based on your needs.

I love teaching 2 people at a time. It means I can give each person and their dog lots of one-on-one time. It means you can focus on your needs & get down the nitty gritty of your dog’s issue. It means cheaper training than a single private training lesson. It means you can reach your goals quicker. It makes total sense.

What do we train? Anything you need help with!

  • Lead walking – I can show you how to get your dog more focused than they’ve ever been!
  • Do you want to take your dog to the café but they’re not comfortable? Let me show you how to introduce your dog to things they might find challenging at first.
  • Is your dog terrible at coming back to you when you call them? We can train that too.
  • Will your dog leave something on the ground when you tell him to? Yes, this can be done…
  • This is all about you and your dog, so let me know your wish list.






When:                        Any day that suits you!

Where:                      Inner West Sydney area. We will decide where to meet.

Session times:        11.30am – 12.30pm

1pm – 2pm

2.30pm – 3.30pm

Cost:                         $65/person

Whether you’re a multi-dog household that needs help, or you and a friend would like to train together or maybe you just need help with your one beautiful pooch, I will match teams/goals to ensure everyone has the best chance of success. This is a training opportunity focused on the challenges and goals you have for your dog.

BOOKINGS: There are 3 ways to discuss what you need.


Phone: 0419 535 236

Or fill out the contact form here.

Let me know the time you prefer & what you would like to train.  I will contact you to discuss your training plan.