Puppy Training

Get the best start for your beautiful puppy.

If your schedule means you’re unable to attend group puppy classes, your whole family can enjoy learning to train your puppy at home.

Premium Puppy covers all the information you need to manage those not-so-cute puppy behaviours such as toilet accidents, nipping, barking and jumping, as well as beginning basic training.

An individual program will be tailored to address your specific concerns and needs, which Jenny will discuss at your first session.

Your puppy will learn:

Basic behaviours, sit, drop down, stay, start leash walking, recall, how to release a treasure from their mouth, and how to go to his bed and settle.

You will learn:

How to handle all those puppy challenges such as toilet training, nipping, barking, jumping up, preventing future problems and how to reinforce calm behaviour.  All taught using the latest science based positive reward training methods.

Socialization for your puppy

One of the most important steps in your puppy’s education, is a great socialization plan, a vital step to raising a confident, curious and happy puppy.  You will receive your Puppy Passport, a step-by-step guide to Operation Socialization, to ensure your puppy receivesa first class puppy socialization plan.


“Our one-2-one home training with Jenny Harlow for our new pup Prince was an exceptional experience. Jenny is a highly experienced trainer, an absolute professional and incredibly astute and well organised. She specifically tailored private tuition for our pups needs, combining her very clear & concise instruction using the ‘positive behavioural method’ ensured our dogs training was a huge success! Further, Jenny made training both educational & fun. She’s very punctual and came super well prepared for our training…also providing us with extra tips, ideas, helpful references, and trouble shooting methods (including bespoke homework) specifically tailored  to ensure our dogs training success both during & post tuition. Overall our training experience was a 10/10, and cannot recommend Jenny Harlow highly enough”.

Nicole & Mauro D'Angelo