Puppy Pre-school during COVID 19

Puppy Pre-school during COVID-19? We can help via Zoom

This is a challenging time for everyone, and as a new puppy-parent, you want to ensure your puppy grows into a confident, curious dog, right?  It’s top of your list.  But how do you do that at the moment? The internet is full of conflicting advice, as are your friends and family. Everyone’s an expert!  If you’re confused and need help we can provide the information you need!  You can join from any location.

Join our online puppy pre-school, ask questions, receive information handouts to keep and start foundation training.  Topics covered include:

Toilet Training

Puppy Nipping

Managing excited behaviour

Enrichment and food toys for your pup’s sharp teeth, curious brain and high energy

Exercise – what’s an appropriate amount and level

Socialisation – how to do this with limited outside access

Training: Teach your puppy name recognition, sit, lure to mat and lie down

Zoom is free and easy to install.  All you need is a computer or tablet with a camera. The course is 3 sessions, of 75mins, over 3 weeks.

Total cost: $90 ($30/session)

Maximum: 6 participants per session (so you can ask lots of questions!)

Next course starts: Saturday 4 April at 11am

Bookings: Click here to submit your name, puppy’s name and contact details then Jenny will be in touch with next steps.

See you there with your puppy.