Separation anxiety in dogs

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Separation anxiety in dogs?

When I tell people I recently learned how to work with dogs with separation anxiety, some of them look at me a little funny. And for those lucky people who’s dogs don’t bat an eyelid when their human departs, it can be hard to understand the devastating affect of this condition, not just on the dog, but also on the humans who love them.

What does it look like? Does your dog whimper, cry, bark or howl for hours after you’ve gone? Do you come home to a scene of destruction because your dog has been pawing and chewing at the door or skirting boards, destroying your furniture? Does your dog eliminate repeatedly all over your carpet? If this is your dog, he may be suffering from separation anxiety.

What to do?
The good news is, help is available. You can work with a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) to learn how to gradually introduce your dog to absences, at the rate and duration that your dog can accept calmly. And Jenny is proud to be the first dog trainer in Australia to become a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.

Working with a CSAT means you have access to well-trialled training methods that teach your dog how to be relaxed when left alone. Plus, you have access to all the support, help and cheerleading you need to get you through the challenge of being the guardian of a dog with separation anxiety.

Technology is our friend when working with separation anxiety. By working online you and and Jenny will see your dog’s response at each step of the process, which means instant feedback informing how to move forward. It is the most efficient route to reaching your goals, gives you more bang for you buck, and means Jenny can work with people across Australia and overseas.

So what now?
As the first dog trainer in Australia to study with international separation anxiety expert Malena DeMartini ( ), Jenny is proud to be a CSAT working to improve the lives of dogs with separation anxiety and their long-suffering humans.

Help is available. To discuss your dog and learn about this training process, click here.