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Jumping at people has got much less on the lead… We can now walk past people with me actively distracting her which is a major improvement.

Jackie with Chloe the labrador

Puppy High School

Once your pup reaches 4 months of age they’re ready for Puppy High School.


What is Puppy High School?

Puppy High School is a small group, 5-week course designed for you and your dog to train and learn using 3-minute training games. Games that teach your dog the foundation skills they need and keep your dog more focussed on you rather than on the other dogs in the class.

  • Focus and Proximity to you – teach your dog the value of being near you & checking in with you.  Builds lead walking & recall.
  • Impulse control – teach your dog the value of pausing before they jump forward for the food dropped on the ground.  Then we will add the cue “Leave It”!
  • Disengage from distraction & Engage with you  – teach your dog the value of disengaging from distractions, so you are more exciting than whatever is happening around you.  Builds lead walking & recall.
  • Mat, Boundary or Place Training – whatever name you choose, teaching your dog that the bed is a cue to settle will help your dog relax after high excitement experiences.
  • A trick – tricks are a great way to build confidence for your dog.  You will apply the training from the classes to a new exercise then you can show off to your friends and family
  • Plus lots more

Cost: $275.00
Where: St Lukes Anglican Church, 17 Burton St, Concord
When: Wednesday evenings @ 7.45pm (1hr each week)
Parking: There is free parking onsite

To join us at Puppy High School, fill out our contact form, and include your name, your dog’s name, age & breed and we will email you the next steps.