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Training Game

Jumping at people has got much less on the lead… We can now walk past people with me actively distracting her which is a major improvement.

Jackie with Chloe the labrador

Puppy High School

Once your pup reaches 4 months of age they’re ready for Puppy High School

What is Puppy High School?

Puppy High School is a small group, 5-week course designed for you and your dog to train and learn using games. Games that teach your dog the foundation skills they need and keep your dog more focussed on you rather than on the other dogs in the class.

  • Focus and Lead walking – how to get your dog to give you attention so you can teach them to walk beside you
  • Wait, pause & sit! – don’t jump forward for the cat/the person/the kids/food
  • Recall – how to be more exciting than whatever is happening around you, so you can get your dog to come back to you!
  • Stay on your mat while I walk away – so important that the bed is a cue to settle
  • Leave it! – don’t eat that food on the ground
  • A trick – a great way to apply the training from the classes to a new exercise (and you can show off to your friends and family )
  • Plus lots more

Cost: $250.00
Where: St Lukes Anglican Church, 17 Burton St, Concord
When: Monday evening @ 7pm & Wednesday evenings @ 7.45pm
Parking: There is free parking onsite

To join us at Puppy High School, fill out our contact form, and include your name, your dog’s name, age & breed and we will email you the next steps.