Why does my dog have separation anxiety

Why does my dog have separation anxiety?

Why does my dog whine and cry when I leave? Is she mad at me?

I always come back, so why does my dog not know this?

My dog cries and chews up the hall rug when I go out. Why?

My dog is so unhappy when I leave and I feel so, so guilty – am I a bad doggy parent?

My neighbour left a note saying my dog howls, whines and cries when I leave. Why is my dog so upset when I’m not there?

If you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, you might feel guilty and stressed at the sight of your dog experiencing so much stress.

And you want to know why.  Why my dog?

There can be a range of reasons why some dogs struggle when left alone.

Dogs that have experience multiple home-life changes, including a person leaving or arriving, change of home location, or when adopted to a new home can experience anxiety left alone.

A dog that is accustomed to be being left alone with another dog, may struggle if that dog is no longer present.

The start of noisy building construction in close proximity can add to the stress a dog feels when left alone.

Any one, or combination of these events, may herald the starting point for a dog to be unable to cope when left home alone. But sometimes, there is no clear indication of why a dog develops separation anxiety.

It’s important to remember however, that your dog isn’t mad at you, nor is your dog trying to “get back at you” for leaving.

The reason your dog barks or whines or destroys furniture when you leave them, is because he experiences a panic response when left alone. A response he cannot control.

The good news is, you are not alone and help is available. Learn how your dog can learn to be alone, so you and your dog can be less stressed! Click here.